Regular maintenance of a house is necessary. This includes paint jobs. If you are thinking about redecorating or remodelling your house, you should never ignore the prospect of painting the exterior and/or exterior of the unit. Choosing the best colour to paint your house can sometimes get tough if you have too many options. Let us tell you that there is no right or wrong when it comes to painting your house, however, please bear in mind that colours affect the temperature of your house so you need to choose your shade wisely. Let’s discover paint colours to keep your house cool, especially if you live in a region that experiences scorching summers.


The colour of the paint you choose for your house not only sets the tone for your décor but also affects the temperature of a room and exterior and interior paints are important in this regard. The lighter shade of colour reflects heat while a darker shade absorbs heat resulting in making the interior even hotter.

People invest in insulations and air conditioners and as much as those are effective ways of tackling higher temperatures, an economical way is to choose a paint colour that will keep your house cooler even in summers. Insulation works in both hot and cold weather. So if you live in a warmer area, you may want to choose a brighter shade of colour and a darker shade if you live in an area that is colder.


The first line of defense against high temperature is the paint colour on the exterior walls of your house. The better the exterior reflects the heat and sun rays, the cooler it will be inside your house. White and off-white colours are the best reflectors of heat and preferred by many homeowners. 

A dark tone colour like Dark grey, navy blue or black colour has a higher tendency of absorbing energy and then converting it into heat. In scorching heat during the summer season, some colours have a cooling effect on your eyes and make your mood a whole lot better. 

Colours like butter yellow, white and off-white require regular maintenance and great care. These can easily catch dust, be used as a whiteboard by kids or get muddy during rain and monsoon seasons. So you should consider the maintenance of such colours before making the decision to paint because a paint job is expensive and you can’t take up the project every few months.

Listed below are some colours that you will find to have a cooling effect on your eyes as well as the inside temperature of your house.

  • Ivory
  • Light grey
  • Turquoise
  • Butter yellow
  • Pale blue
  • Camel colour
  • Beige Colour
  • White
  • Off-white


Similar to the exterior wall paint colours, the rooms of your house should also be brighter shades to make them feel cooler and also more spacious. People choose white colour for the walls of their rooms because it is neutral, easier to match the interior with, and brightens the space.

When it comes to picking a wall colour for the interior walls, you have a lot of options of colours from which you can choose. Even those colours are now an option that you think will be bold or put your house under the spotlight in the neighbourhood if applied on exterior walls. Choosing the colour for your interior can get tough sometimes since there are different things you have to take into consideration. You have furniture in your room, blinds or curtains and rugs. These are important to consider or else the entire setting and theme of your room will look off.

The process can become a whole lot easier if you pick a colour that matches the colour of your furniture. Before picking a colour, it’s best if you understand the psychology of colours. Shades of blue, green and violet are cool while red, orange, yellow are warm. A room on the west side will be away from sunlight for the most part of the day so you can choose a slightly warmer colour but the on the east side will be exposed throughout the day and absorb more heat than any other room.

Here are some ideas of cool and pleasant colours for the interior walls of your house.

  • Mint green
  • Pastel colours
  • Light pink
  • Ivory 
  • Colonial blue
  • Blue-grey


Paint is just one way to lower the temperature of your house in the summer season and there are other methods too that you can use. If you are building a house from scratch, using concrete and bricks in the grey structure will be advisable since these are dense materials and provide a strong cover against heat and cold. If you have bought a house in a warmer area, you should check for insulations that you can install in the roof and walls to stop the maximum heat from entering your room.