Qazi Group of Companies

Qazi Group of Companies consists of following component Organizations, responsible to perform the different business activities.

  • Qazi Enterprises
  • Qazi Construction
  • Qazi Housing
  • Haq Trust

Chairman Message

It has been an exciting experience to witness the remarkable success of QAZI Group of Companies, and contribution towards the economic growth of the region; we have stayed true to our mission of delivering the finest quality services in whichever sector we have been involved with. Since the modest beginning of the QAZI Enterprises in the real estate in 1988, we envisioned to make the accessibility convenient for the ordinary people in field of Real Estate. While thriving in the REAL ESTATE, we have successfully completed many commercial and residential projects. Some of our major projects such as the Motorway City Executive Block is in progress. Our goal has always been to deliver real value and not merely to gain profits as customers’ trust is our real capital and a core organizational value. It is therefore that we are the most trusted ones with thousands of highly satisfied customers all across the Globe.

As a service-oriented organization, we truly believe that our employees are our most “valuable assets”. The steadfast spirit of accepting challenges, extending the boundaries and achieving the impossible greatly defines how we undeniably recognize the value of our personnel and that their satisfaction which equate to service excellence. Today, the QAZI Group of Companies have diverse business portfolio ranging from Auto Industry, IT, Marketing, Media and Food, construction and real estate. The Group intends to continue growing our portfolio while contributing towards the economic growth of our beloved country.

shaukat mahmud qazi
founder chairman qazi group

Vice Chairman Message

Qazi Group of Companies have always strived to commence affordable residential and commercial projects for a common man. Our highest priority is to deliver affordable yet modern housing projects for everyone. Motorway City Executive Block is especially planned to provide luxurious, closer-to-nature, and modern lifestyle for everyone. It is our constant endeavor to deliver excellence. We will continue our pursuit to provide value and reassure firm commitment to our mission and vision.

muhammad zia ullah qazi
vice chairman qazi group